Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by 3CX Asia Pacific directly or indirectly from you in the ordinary course of business.

Protecting personal information

We at 3CX Asia Pacific are committed to protect personal privacy. Every individual has a right to control the collection and use of their personal information. Providing personal information is an act of trust. At 3CX Asia Pacific we consider this very seriously. 3CX Asia Pacific will use your personal information only for the purpose they were collected, unless consent is given otherwise.

Collecting personal information

3CX Asia Pacific will collect personal information when requested for you to fill applications and forms, receive letters from you, over telephone queries, web queries and queries in person. We also collect information from credit reporting agencies, through trade references and third parties.

Using personal information

Personal information may be used for following purposes:

  • To fulfill obligations under any sale or purchase contract or any other contract between the individual and 3CX Asia Pacific .
  • To assist in providing information about products, offers or any other special promotions.
  • To provide services offered by 3CX Asia Pacific .
  • To obtain opinions and comments about products or services.
  • To record as data for marketing analysis

Using tracking technologies

3CX Asia Pacific web site uses "cookies" to collect information related to access and browsing the web site, open or preview of pages. These devices help 3CX Asia Pacific to monitor and record the usage of different parts of the web site. Cookies do not identify users personally, although they identify the user's browser.

Right to access, change and delete information

Individuals have the right to access and review their personal information available in the 3CX Now database. This information may be amended by informing 3CX Now in writing. Similarly a request could be made to delete such information. On receipt of request all reasonable steps will be taken to delete information unless it is not appropriate for legal reasons. 3CX Now will unable to provide products and/or services to you on deletion of information.

Disclosure of information

Personal information will be disclosed to other parties only after obtaining your consent. Your consent could be express or implied.

3CX Asia Pacific  may need to disclose your personal information to:

  • Your referee(s)
  • Credit reporting or debt collecting agencies
  • Our insurers
  • Your guarantors
  • Your authorised agent or your executor, administrator or legal representative.
  • Any other party who is authorised or required by law

Contact by 3CX Asia Pacific

3CX Asia Pacific may use your personal information to identify a product or service that may benefit you. Further 3CX Asia Pacific may contact you in time to time to inform you about new or existing products or services.

Up to date and storage of information

3CX Asia Pacific will take all necessary steps to ensure that your information we maintain are accurate and up- to- date. In the event you gain knowledge of inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information maintained by 3CX Asia Pacific , you should contact us immediately.

3CX Asia Pacific will take reasonable step to keep all your personal information in a secure manner. All employees of 3CX Asia Pacific are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by the company.